Wedding Bands: 5 Tips To Narrow Down Your Search For That Perfect Fit.

Choosing the Band

Keep your lifestyle in mind

You will wear your wedding band through thick and thin, therefore you will need to plan accordingly so that your wedding band will always rise to the occasion. Rather, you will be able to accomplish day to day feats without a worry for the potential damage and accelerated wear of the band.
You want your band to become a part of your life, and hence specific details work best for certain tasks. For an active lifestyle, consider a slimmer ring with rounded edges and maybe use platinum, since it is more durable. If you work with your hands, we suggest a simple metal ring avoiding gemstones or carvings to avoid potential loss or accumulation of dirt.

Decide on features

If buying the wedding band and engagement ring separate, consider the complexity of the design. If you already know the exact features you want the wedding band to have, similar to the engagement ring or not it will be less time consuming settling on a matching band.
You may also want to consider a shadow band that will interlock the engagement ring with the wedding band. Choosing this might be easier if you want consistency with your design, otherwise on the off chance it is always possible to have custom features ordered for a more personalized feel.

Start searching well in advance

Having the basic idea in mind, opens you up to the trials of seeking. You will want to allow yourself up to 3 months prior to a wedding to find the best fit. If you’re interested in having it done custom, you may want to add more time as some extras may require extra attention to fill your exact needs.
Make sure to set your budget early, so you can adapt it to the exact features you intend to have. All add-ons will have their price, but some may have add a higher price tag due to the amount of detail or time is required to meet the design.

Think long term and maintenance

You are going to be wearing the ring for a long time to come, or at least intending to. With that in mind, think about what is right for you and in time you can always add modifications to mark special occasions.
Cleaning will largely depend on features. If you have a wedding band with some gem stones, we recommend you soak it in warm sudsy water then gently brush it with a soft tooth or eyebrow brush. Be mindful when adding pressure as it could loosen the stones from their setting. Rinse it and pat it dry with a soft lint-free cloth.
If you prefer less upkeep, go minimalist with a gold or platinum ring. Rub with a soft lint-free cloth and its good to go.

Size it right and check for Quality

Your fingers will swell and contract depending on heat, cold, water retention or weight gain. It is important to find a size that doesn’t fluctuate when you do.
To find the right size that will best fit through the seasons, your active and inactive times, schedule your final ring fitting at a time when you’re calm and your body temperature is normal. Avoid the morning, as you retain water from the night before, right after exercise your fingers swell or if you’re extremely hot or cold (that cause your hands to expand and shrink).
Quality control applies to all rings, not just wedding bands. Look for two markings inside the band. One will be the manufacturer’s trademark and the other is the quality guarantee of the metal used.