Our Team Achieved An 80% Clearance At Our Antique & Vintage Jewellery Auction On The 8th Of May

The team at Pfeffers Auctions are pleased to announce that an 80% clearance was achieved at our latest auction which had a listing of predominately antique and vintage jewellery.

Pfeffers Auctions have specialized in antique and vintage jewellery for many years and still thoroughly enjoy curating auction listings consisting of these kinds of pieces. Since our auction platform has shifted from an in-person attendance based event to an international online platform we have seen an increase in bidders. This auction had an audience of over 150 people viewing the sale and bidding on pieces. The end result saw 180 lots of antique and vintage jewellery, collectable watches and clocks being sold on the behalf of 27 vendors, to 80 successful bidders from across the globe, reaffirming that Pfeffers Auctions is one of the leading outlets for buying and selling antique and vintage jewellery pieces and watches.