Bidding Options

If you are unable or do not wish to attend an auction you can place an electronic Absentee Bid through the Pfeffer’s Auctions Website or contact Pfeffer’s through email, phone or in person at our shop located in the Brisbane CBD.

Telephone bids

You can participate in the live auction as though you are present in the auction room. An experienced staff member who is at the auction will phone you a few minutes prior to your indicated Lot going up for auction and will bid on your behalf. Once bidding begins, we will keep you informed as the bids progress and ask you at each stage if you wish to continue bidding. This will carry on until you are successful or tell us that you want to stop bidding.

Maximum Bids

With this type of bid you provide us with instructions about the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the Lot in question. Your bid is left with the Auctioneer and executed on your behalf using up the amount required to knock out any competition during the sale and against any reserve price (if applicable). This doesn’t mean that you will pay the maximum amount; if the auction activity is at a lower level on the day you may get the item for less. If room bids go above the maximum bid, then the Absentee Bid is unsuccessful.

Absentee Bids

Phone and forms

Buyers premium is 15% and inclusive of GST. The latest your Absentee Bid can be submitted online is 3 hours prior to the start of the auction. If the Absentee Bid form is not fully completed it will not be able to be processed. Pfeffer’s Auctions will at its sole discretion accept or reject you as an absentee bidder, or request further information from you before accepting your bids. If your bid is successful, you will be contact to finalize the payment and the goods will be sent out by secured & insured post within 3 working days, or can be collected from our Brisbane CBD shop. A member of our Customer Service Team will contact you prior to shipping for further verification and shipping confirmation. If multiple Absentee Bids for the same amount are received, the bid that is received first will be given precedence. Absentee Bidding is a complimentary service offered by Pfeffers Auctions, who are not obliged to act on this instruction, and cannot be held liable for any loss or damages arising from any failure to comply.  Pfeffers Auctions cannot be held liable for any failure to our website which prevents an absentee bid being placed.

Online Pre-sale Bidding

You will be able to place an absentee bid on an item through the web site, however the online bidding will close prior to the commencement of the physical auction. This means you may be outbid at the live auction.

How it works:

Presale bidding enables competitive bidding in real time prior to the commencement of the physical auction. Offering customers the opportunity to bid online up until the night before a physical auction. Bidders are able to see the highest current bid through our website catalogue and also receive ‘outbid notifications’ by email. When the presale bidding closes the highest bids are carried through into the physical auction. Please remember that the bids placed for presale bidding are real time bids which cannot be amended or retracted bids.

For online bidding, clients must register or sign in, providing credit card details. Registration will also enable you to request information about a ‘Lot’.